15 August 2010

Sticker Shock...

Was doing my daily blog crawl and stumbled on the work
of Payton Cosell Turner. Blew my little mind.
As somebody whose childhood treat for good behavior
was a pack of stickers*...This just hit me straight in the heart.
*(An obsession which continued through later life with a massive skate sticker collection,
then band stickers,and now, not ashamed to admit - f*cking Post-it's even!!!I need major help) 
From faraway her "wallpaper" looks like baroque or rococo florals..
(the artist on the right)
Then, zoom into that and see the real magic? Do you see do you see???
Also  - her illustrations and illustrated wallpaper are great too. 
Sort-of naive, and kinda reminiscent of the doodles in the covers of Wes Anderson DVD's.
If my walls weren't brick, or already covered with too much stuff (story of my life)... I'd commission her in a heartbeat.

*all photos from thecut and the artist's own website. Links above*


  1. thank you! i'm very flattered and honored that you enjoy my work! please check out www.flatvernacular.com on or after August 25th to see the next phase of my wallpaper obsession.

    take care,

  2. aren't her designs beautiful? I'm so excited to see the new patterns!

  3. Thanks all for visiting! Payton- your stuff is truly amazing. Cannot wait to be impressed by the above link & will def check it out on the 25th!