09 March 2010


So, have come to grips with the fact that i am a smoker. again.
Whatever... death toll... lung cancer... etc. etc.
i get it.
but... it's apparently not as glamourous as it once was.
Here, a bunch of old cigarette adverts pulled from vintageadbrowser.
Some pre- Mad Men era ads... loving the illustrations (some of them really bent and twisty wtf style)

pretty fucking elegant...

again - nothing says elegance like being toted around in your sedan chair by men in loincloths and headdresses while you sit and smoke.

Ahhhhh... born too late.

05 March 2010

totally crushed out

imho, some of the most hansome men to grace the music industry...

Bowie, Bonnie, Kinks, Joy Division, Malkmus (yeah, twice).