22 August 2010

And step on it...

I know fuckall about guitar pedals... but just been nerding out recently at how amazingly cool they look..
I will probably end up on Hoarders one day due to my love of collecting/keeping stacks and stacks of shit I don't need, this seems a likely next step...

some of my absolute favorite musicians have the most ridiculous setups...
Kevin Shields/MBV
David Byrne
Ed Droste/Grizzly Bear
(who btw gets bonus points for juxtaposition of small dog and gear)

..and J Mascis...who actually surprised me.  I would've expected a shit-ton of gear at his feet,  cause he's fucking Gandalf for guitars.. but well, just shows how little I know about anything.
**as per usual - none of these are my pics. David Byrne photo via miniboners, and the rest from miscellaneous guit-nerd gear forums. 

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