30 May 2010

...lately i've taken to wearing flowers in my hair

really feeling the hippy thing right now...
i mean-- the tan sweater dress 2nd from the bottom - i need you in my life!
Images mostly from Time/Life photo archives-Woodstock, then flickr, Irving Penn,some amazing Czech photographer i forgot to bookmark *in no particular order of course...The girl w/flower garland headband is actually c.1996/czech youth pilgrimage thing. Gorgeous.

27 May 2010

Time traveling...

Early morning reading:
Popular Mechanics c.1917 via google books.

Highlights include: how-to for 2nd bike seat (pictured), (Jul 1917)
and a wealth of amazing pre-1920's adverts.
Bonus points for imagery and verbiage!  SOFA KING GOOD!

Just an interloper in this decade...

Summer makes me sweat patchwork so hard.
shoulda been born into the 60's/70's..
graphic florals and suede suede suede...

*First img is actually Hayden Harnett, somewhat current...
others - google img search and random blogs that i'd love to credit if i could only remember.

18 May 2010


...happened upon the work of Nathan Coley just recently...
I have a serious Ed Ruscha fascination... to which nothing compares
however this is definitely a temporary fix.

Find myself gravitating to the lit up words most of all, but generally a solid portfolio.

currently listening to:Lilys - Precollection

17 May 2010


Thinking of planning a trip to Paris. Clignancourt specifically,
though possibly being lured by soldes as well.
Long weekender... Not long enough to jet lag,
and short enough to never run out of things to do...

photos via google, flickr

15 May 2010


Have been hearing the buzz on this for a while now. 
Watched the first half/first part/something like that (?) of it 
on Jimmy Fallon last night.Looks to be quite amazing... 
for music appreciation, and just imagery, styling...so much. 
And Anita Fucking Pallenberg??? A prego and 
radiant Bianca Jagger??? Not to mention a gorgeous but i mean
seriously gorgeous backdrop of well,the fucking South of France...
i mean really.
Mind= blown.
The release date - 5/22. Hang in thurr.
In the meantime, happy Saturday, Lovelies.

**1st pic down, dontcha think Carey Mulligan can play a
young Anita in her imaginary biopic? Just sayin'...

13 May 2010

Denim Crimes... Never Forget.

Seen a lot of double denim (and triple denim, etc. etc.)... can't bring myself to do it.
That's a personal choice, of course... but people lest we forget...

12 May 2010


waiting for a book i ordered... Gypset Style
it's taking an eternity to get to me.
In the meantime trawling the interwebs for images of my alltime favorite gypsy...
the woman is so boss.

11 May 2010

it's frickin freezing over here....

 ...recent cold front has me thinking 'bout early beach season...
thinking more about beach sweaters to be precise...
dunno when i'll make it out LI-ways... but hopefully soon.

Marilyn photos by George Barris... yanked from the www. some chick in a sweater - thanks, flickr image search "beach sweater"...

SMQ... Aran...

My other fave McQueen..
Steve in aran; photo still from the (original) Thomas Crown Affair.

 image via the selvedgeyard