30 June 2010

I'll take it...

Ummmmmmm... Take Ivy reissue? Heck yes, I pre-ordered that sh*t...
For anyone who doesn't know, this is THE sartorial inspiration for most of the neo-preppy situation that's been catching bedford ave (et. al) and spreading like wildfire...a fave ref for Sart and ACL's well whatever that guy's name is. Ivy League c. the 1960's?  SWOOOOOOOONNNWORTHY.
For anyone who does know... either you own it already, or you will soon! DO DO DO!

Rather than cull photos from elsewhere, just go here:
Take Ivy via ACL

It sums it up nicely...

29 June 2010

sand between toes...

Dreaming of the upcoming holiday weekend.
Definitely hitting the beach at some point...

The dream weekender contains the following...
granny square item - be it poncho or short-shorts...
the ultimate throwback/coverup... NEED.
this Paul Smith F/W10 dress - a definite maybe.

a little closer to the truth - 
i may be hitting the pattern book on my commute. 
Baja - (aka drug rug)
i keep seeing images from the recent Proenza resort collection.

even the shorts would do...

(in times of need, a visit to the "native art" mall
cart just might suffice... )

Cowboy boots
lucky for me and my shoe closet i already own these. 
How great are boots in the sand? Terrible..
but they get broken in so good that it's worth it.

Beach Blanket - i get a new one every year.. a couple years ago
it was an old sarong with a huge Hawaiian floral... this year's
obsession - steven alan striped beach blankets...
A mix between kitchen towel and heaven. NEED x 10 of them.

Add to all that the perfect pair of cutoffs.
and an amazing swimsuit... 
*the boyf/f snagged me this amazeballs Jcrew x Liberty
swimsuit at a sample sale yesterday!!! I could've died.

*aside from the shiteous boots photo, none of these are mine!*

17 June 2010

Thursday flora...

somehow managed to end up on the Penhaligon's website this am...
So incredibly crushed out over their packaging...
Had crossed paths with an older woman in the pharmacy ages ago wearing this very classic... simple scent.
"What is that you're wearing?"
She smiled as if ready to share some insider information."Penhaligon's violet, dear" Accented English, of course.
I'm still hunting down a bottle. Will have to add a bottle of "artemisia" to the order because, well...

Here, some amazing examples of their packaging... Looks like it hasn't changed since, oh i dunno.. the early 1900's? (just a guess).Also- valentine's cards designed in 2008 with the same gorgeous aesthetic. (via paulcartwrightbranding.co.uk)

08 June 2010


as promised... excerpts from the Webster's Practical Illustrated Dictionary, 1942 edition. Still trying to sort out what's so practical about a dictionary with only 378 pages... surely there are words left out. Maybe they left the important ones only? Practical indeed.

Anyways... after a quick thumb-through, i realized they have chosen only to illustrate some key items... photo'd my faves. (Any non-slouch would've scanned but guess what - i'm lazy).

Hyena and ibex on the same page? You couldn't ask for more...

Brilliancy you say?

Sh*t photo, but know that i am a sucker for  a great bird illustration.

Yep... and a unicorn!!!

I haven't even gotten to the military and naval terms, though i saw a sweet page of illustrated boats and battleships... <3

07 June 2010

the constitution state...

Spent this past weekend in CT... which i know precious little about, even though it's so close to NYC... anyway Saturday found us at a gorgeous wedding for two lovely loves...
Sunday, rather than rush back to the bustle of Brooklyn, we decided instead to hit up several antique shops... attempted burgers at Louis Lunch (foiled - not open on Sundays!!! totally bummed)
My chances at being on Hoarders are increasing daily...
Not pictured - an amazing boy scout backpack dating at least to the 50's (maybe older) and some random chandelier crystals that i am pretending i'll make something of...
Anyway, below, pics of the spoils.

feeding my unhealthy costume jewelry obsession...

05 June 2010

Need you in my life...

OK... dunno what got me started but suddenly i am OBSESSING
over late 70's early 80's mopeds... WANT. Like SO BAD want.
Pretty strange for a girl who:
a. is the most clumsy person ever
b. is the opposite of coordinated
c. can't drive worth a damn
d. all of the above
just the way they look... and imagining chugging
around the neighborhood at the slow speed of say, 15mph?
just divine.

04 June 2010

So much more than Olive Oyl...

Some amazing shots of Shelley Duvall.
She was frumped up in the Shining, but here proof that she's a
total fucking babe. If it weren't too late for me to grow up and
be Shelley Duvall... well... yeah.