28 February 2010

Aran sweaters and rock and roll...

Work research has led me to a new obsession with aran sweaters... scored a fab one for $3 in a Wyoming charity shop...
a little scouring the wuh wuh wuh and turned up some great shots...
think this may have to be an ongoing search...

Keith Richards via the black watch

John, Yoko, assorted tykes via goog img search

27 February 2010


spent yesterday mucking about a snowy Carroll Gardens; 
walked in circles and gazed up at the sky.
sometimes it takes a little getting lost to figure out
just where you want to be.
Maxfield Parrish, The Swing.
This is maybe in my top 5 favorite images in the world. ever. EVER.

other images culled from goog img searches: hubble, andromeda

16 February 2010

Flasks are packed...

i spent my childhood trying to keep up with my brothers... tomboy to the absolute core.
anyway, in my old age i've stopped climbing trees and pushing skateboards (well, kind of),
and instead decided to keep up with the boys in my appreciation for well, brown liquor.
Especially if it's smoky... love love love. LOVE. Did i say love?

Anyway, here, a photo set from flickr... need to research a lil' more - apparently old booze labels are some of the most gorgeous things. Don't even get me started about moonshine labels... typographer's wet dream...

dunno much about said Ladner family, only that they made whisky by the jug and the labels were a dream. Root beer too, but let's not get sidetracked.

Ladner Family Bourbon, etc.

Currently listening to:
Bonnie Prince Billy - Greatest Palace Music

15 February 2010

The Last of the Old West...

Ok.. i know i was getting amped for springtime just moments ago. What i forgot to mention is that i am a short day away from an escape to Wyoming. Jackson Hole, to be precise. It's called "The Last of the Old West". Bringing the fancy cam and hoping to take some good shots. Maybe even update if i can sort out mobile blogging, but honestly, semi-luddite that i am, i doubt that will happen.
anyways, in the meantime, some stuff i grabbed off the wuh wuh wuh while getting psyched.

*am still shit at citing sources, so apologies for not remembering. Just know that none of these are my pictures, and most came up from google or flickr image search whilst keying in some random phrase.


... just a behind-the-scenes from y'day's shoot.
A Little Wicked  boutique (279 E Houston) is on the verge of launching an online shop... more on that later.

14 February 2010

Dreaming of Springtime...

Happy V-day for realsies, folks. About to truck it into the NYC for a photoshoot... Feeling uggers but what the hey. Do anything for those friends of mine.
Dreaming of all things spring related... Currently inspired by:

Wishing i caved a while ago and bought a bottle of the demeter "Grass" scent perfume. Oh well.

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*and -- all pics from goog or flickr image search.

04 February 2010

Valentine's Day...

and I'm catatonic.

Currently reading:
Just Kids - Patti Smith

Not the best written tome, but god so fucking tender... it's a memoir, i guess... chronicling her time spent with the late Robert Mapplethorpe and i've more than halfway devoured it...
It details their life in post-warhol NYC and how their careers pretty much flowered due to a beautiful and encouraging and supportive, well, love, i guess... Fucking enviable.
Plus, a few great photos in between chapters.

Currently on repeat:
the sea and cake - Leora...
would post a link but  who cares. If you like it, you have it. If you don't know it, you should know it.
McIntyre = pretty genius.