22 August 2010

And step on it...

I know fuckall about guitar pedals... but just been nerding out recently at how amazingly cool they look..
I will probably end up on Hoarders one day due to my love of collecting/keeping stacks and stacks of shit I don't need, this seems a likely next step...

some of my absolute favorite musicians have the most ridiculous setups...
Kevin Shields/MBV
David Byrne
Ed Droste/Grizzly Bear
(who btw gets bonus points for juxtaposition of small dog and gear)

..and J Mascis...who actually surprised me.  I would've expected a shit-ton of gear at his feet,  cause he's fucking Gandalf for guitars.. but well, just shows how little I know about anything.
**as per usual - none of these are my pics. David Byrne photo via miniboners, and the rest from miscellaneous guit-nerd gear forums. 

15 August 2010

Sticker Shock...

Was doing my daily blog crawl and stumbled on the work
of Payton Cosell Turner. Blew my little mind.
As somebody whose childhood treat for good behavior
was a pack of stickers*...This just hit me straight in the heart.
*(An obsession which continued through later life with a massive skate sticker collection,
then band stickers,and now, not ashamed to admit - f*cking Post-it's even!!!I need major help) 
From faraway her "wallpaper" looks like baroque or rococo florals..
(the artist on the right)
Then, zoom into that and see the real magic? Do you see do you see???
Also  - her illustrations and illustrated wallpaper are great too. 
Sort-of naive, and kinda reminiscent of the doodles in the covers of Wes Anderson DVD's.
If my walls weren't brick, or already covered with too much stuff (story of my life)... I'd commission her in a heartbeat.

*all photos from thecut and the artist's own website. Links above*

09 August 2010

Gone Fishin'

...have been terribly inconsistent at posting lately. Truth is - I'm enjoying my summer.
Rather than be falsely apologetic, I leave you instead with some images of vintage fishing lures.
Pulled from mostly ebay and google image search. Beauties.
These babies used to be hand painted and carved... Now, most are turned out in mass quantities overseas...
painted, or printed rather, by machines.
Got a couple more trips before end of summer.
Hoping to stock up on some of these for my collection of
"shit I just don't need but am endlessly enamored with"...
Probably won't resume posts at a regular schedule until Mid-September.
Till then!xx