13 July 2010

Sickday delirium...

feeling pretty sh*tty yesterday; i blame asthma.
In my delirium and boredom - this is what i snagged off the www...
In no particular order.

**as ever, click on the pics to see them larger. Especially the Christopher Olinet installation!!!!  

Amazing clock from the 70's or 80's, i forget. Also comes as a wristwatch..
NEED NEED NEED for the apartment... Is it DIY-able???
One cannot have enough brown ankle boots. Since these aren't an option i'm thinking of making my own... sans buckle, but with tassled ties. Next weekend is my first free one in FOREVS. 
Gonna DIY it, i think... (These vintage beauties found on one of those cute-girl-style-blogs that are multiplying like rabbits, so of course I forgot which one! kill me.) 
Christopher Olinet installation.. Gorge.
Clearly the dreamiest illustrations ever, courtesy of:
lastly - some genius made a coffee table book about libraries.
These scans pulled from used books blog

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