08 June 2010


as promised... excerpts from the Webster's Practical Illustrated Dictionary, 1942 edition. Still trying to sort out what's so practical about a dictionary with only 378 pages... surely there are words left out. Maybe they left the important ones only? Practical indeed.

Anyways... after a quick thumb-through, i realized they have chosen only to illustrate some key items... photo'd my faves. (Any non-slouch would've scanned but guess what - i'm lazy).

Hyena and ibex on the same page? You couldn't ask for more...

Brilliancy you say?

Sh*t photo, but know that i am a sucker for  a great bird illustration.

Yep... and a unicorn!!!

I haven't even gotten to the military and naval terms, though i saw a sweet page of illustrated boats and battleships... <3

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