16 February 2010

Flasks are packed...

i spent my childhood trying to keep up with my brothers... tomboy to the absolute core.
anyway, in my old age i've stopped climbing trees and pushing skateboards (well, kind of),
and instead decided to keep up with the boys in my appreciation for well, brown liquor.
Especially if it's smoky... love love love. LOVE. Did i say love?

Anyway, here, a photo set from flickr... need to research a lil' more - apparently old booze labels are some of the most gorgeous things. Don't even get me started about moonshine labels... typographer's wet dream...

dunno much about said Ladner family, only that they made whisky by the jug and the labels were a dream. Root beer too, but let's not get sidetracked.

Ladner Family Bourbon, etc.

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